Open to all seasons and weather conditions, thanks to this kind of active recreation, Zorbing. This type of active recreation can be called quite “young”, because of which only a few have encountered it today. However, according to some athletes, keen on unusual and rather extreme pastime, it is necessary to try it all, […]

Silent Disco Is More Than Silent Party – BUSINESS IDEA

  Where? How? What? Why? Which? Who? – Silent Disco Equipment Silent concerts and Silent cinemas have already become popular in Europe and America. Over the past three years, many event companies have adopted the party idea of The Silent Disco. They admit that Silent disco events are in demand. Particularly silent parties are popular in […]

#1 Clayoquot Wilderness Resort $3900/night – Top 10 Most Expensive Glamping

New Trend Of The Market Is Glamping “Luxury in Wild”.   Glamping at Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, Canada For $3900/night Address 1 Clayoquot, Tofino, BC V0R 2Z0, Canada Phone +1 888-333-5405   Camping “Clayoquot Wilderness Resort” on the island of Vancouver in Canada is the most expensive luxury camp in the world for a premium holiday. The […]

Ultimate, Expensive & Luxurious Glamping Experience All Over The World: Top 10

 New Trend Of The Market Is: Glamping “Luxury in Wild”. The word “Glamping” means resting in the bosom of nature, in Luxury tents with all amenities. However, it seems unreasonable for many people to spend too much time and effort on “merging with nature.” However, these are campsites of a completely different type. Glamping in these camps […]