JumpKing International is India’s largest supplier and manufacturer of Adventure products and Luxury tents. A One-Stop online source for all the adventure needs.

We do not just sell adventure setups. We fulfill the adventure needs of 1.3 billion people of India. Whether it’s a most known Zipline setup or an exclusive product like Dinner in the Sky. Right now, we have a 100+ products range. Out of which 25% are traditional & known adventure setups, 25% are the most famous and exclusive adventure product, 10% are most thrilling and critical products (we made them safe), 10% is luxury in wild and remaining is invention and innovation.

JumpKing, clearly stand out in the product range that consists of 100 different adventure sports & activities. There are JumpKing trampolines, water balls, aqua lounge, JumpKing bungee, mechanical bull, human slingshot, foosball table, horror house & much more. In the wake of the high level of risk & thrill involved in such indoor and outdoor activities, we only supply equipment that comes with TUV, GS and CE certified components. These labels assert that all Jumpking products comply with the required safety and quality standards. We manufacture everything that can pump adrenaline.

Our service never stops with the sales of our amusement park equipment or luxury camping resort equipment. It goes on in the form of after-sales service since we understand that our products are designed to satisfy your requirements for many years to come. We have an established and efficient system in place to deal with all of your after sale service needs. We permanently stock replacement parts for the entire range of products we provide.

If you ever visit us at Bangalore you will come to know that there are some people (not aliens) who workship Adventure God. They are the weirdest crazy human beings alive who work with adventure.
More of what you need. None of what you don’t



(Co-founder, M.D, CRO )

Pankaj Dhingra is Jumpking’s Co-founder, Managing Director, CRO (Chief Revenue Officer) and an adventurist.

Pankaj is widely recognized for his role in shaping the adventure experience &Hospitality sector in India as well as globally. Pankaj is responsible for Jumpking’s worldwide sales and operations, including end-to-end management of jumpking’s supply chain, sales activities, service and support in all the markets and countries.

Pankaj is a B.Com dropout. He is very fond of travelling & exploring. He says “We do what we love and we love what we do”. He took his first big step towards exploring digitally in 1994 when he bought his 1st computer system and took the net connection in 1996.The creative thinking, knowledge of needs associated with adventure, foresighted vision, and openness to all challengesunderstanding of the difference between adventure and experience is the reason, India is exposed to safe adventure with no compromise on thrill and adrenaline rush.


(Co-founder, M.D, COO.)

Samir Dhingra is Jumpking’s Co-founder, Managing Director, COO (Chief Operation Officer) and an enthusiastic adventurist.

Sameer is widely recognised for his role in adventure exposure and innovation in India & globally. Samir is responsible for Jumpking’s worldwide reach and web experience including end-to-end management of Jumpking’s web presence, media marketing strategy, Business Development, Innovation & quality assurance.

Samir is a B.Com dropout. He is “born for adventure” kind of person. He actually understands the calculated risks of adventure. His reasoning and judgement brings the best out of adventure. This is how he maintains the best quality supply of Jumpking. His tales of adventure and travelling are like adrenaline patches. He is a licenced and certified expert in Sky diving, Scuba diving, Bungee jumping, Ziplines and car racing.

Jumpking’s Mission

Our mission is to fulfil the adventure needs of human Beings and make it 100% secure without compromising on experience.

Jumpking’s Vision

How it Created