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Silent Disco Equipment

Silent concerts and Silent cinemas have already become popular in Europe and America. Over the past three years, many event companies have adopted the party idea of The Silent Disco. They admit that Silent disco events are in demand. Particularly silent parties are popular in big cities, where silence is appreciated higher, and residents of metro cities are too familiar with the noise. The idea of silent parties is becoming more and more in demand in Indian cites – Goa, Mumbai, Delhi, and Bengaluru.

The editor of the London edition of Time Out, Tim Arthur, who visited a silent disco, wrote: “This is absolutely incredible on the part of the spectacle – and the most pleasant pastime that I ever had.”

The Managing director of Silent disco equipment provider, Jumpking India say, “There is a great demand and future of this product in India, as weekend culture is ruling the job sectors and people are looking for new stuff”.

It is important not to forget that “Silent activities” are not only a disco or a cinema, but also presentations, exhibitions, conferences, training, audio-sounding space, sound art performances, flash mobs, as well as promotional activities for brands and companies!!


What are the Business options with Silent Disco Equipment?

#1 Silent Cinemas

How many times, when you came to the cinema, did you get in the way of watching people loudly discussing the film or other life events? But here it is! A silent cinema that allows you, without distraction, to watch a movie in wireless headphones with high-quality sound transmitted through the FM frequency, without any distortion.

It is already very popular in American and European countries. A silent cinema allows you to conduct film shows in the evening and at night and almost on any site, be it city beaches, parks, cafes and much other interesting concerning luxury for customers. 

A silent cinema reached people’s hearts not only at public shows but also proved to be an effective mechanism for advertising and promoting new brands and products of companies.


#2 Silent Presentations, Conference, and Training

Such distractions, such as phone ringing or someone’s cough, undoubtedly interfere with the assimilation of the material. With wireless headphones from our company, it became possible to completely eliminate the “distracting factor” in the learning process and get 100% efficiency. All the advantages of the project were tried and appreciated by our clients.

#3 Silent or Noiseless Disco or Concert

Throughout the world, silent discos and concerts have gained popularity, but their fame has bypassed India. The company Jumpking India decided to fix it! Meet the dawn on the summer verandas, lawns of parks and rooftops. And all this in the neighborhood with the city houses, without interfering with their tenants. Such discos became possible thanks to the company’s wireless headphones. Once you are in a silent disco or concert, you can enjoy the music of your favorite performers and hear every word, disassemble every favorite melody and motif, even being not near the stage,

Which Qualities to look for ideal Silent Disco Equipment?

  • Easy to use – Practicality
  • Should not be bulky – Mobility
  • Weatherproofness – Can Enjoy anywhere, anytime.
  • Durable & Value for money
  • Should sound best and distraction-free – Good Quality
  • Low running cost – Efficient


Where to buy Silent Disco Equipment?

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How to make money?

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